Japan 5th Taikai Report

Day 1 (15/16 November 2016) This year 2016, marks the first trip to Tokyo for the members of Eishin-Ryu Iaido Singapore to participate in the World MJER Iaido Federation 5th Taikai. Team Singapore consists of Michael, Luke, Kong Hoi, Noi, Ashley, Andrew, Ryan, Rei, Hui Wen, Wah Siang and Kheng-Li. We gathered at the Singapore Changi Airport to have our luggage checked-in to catch the 10:20PM flight bound for Tokyo. Our family and friends were present to show their support and wished all of us a safe journey to Japan. After we entered the departure hall, we spent the remaining time before the flight together sitting down at a shop having a nice warm cup of tea and having a good chat. Soon, it

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