Keiko with Kobara Sensei 19-21 May 2017

This May, Kobara Sensei, assisted by Hou Sensei and Fang Sensei, visited us for a keiko (practice) session over the weekend. For the first day at the Dojo, Friday evening, the focus was on Tachi Uchi no Kurai. Of the various waza, this series comprises of paired kata with bokutou. Besides providing the curriculum to judging distance, it helps reinforces zanshin (awareness of surroundings and self). The mastery of the waza takes time and practice. Kobara Sensei highlighted the core concept and key points of each waza and let us practice it two to three times before moving on to the next. He and the other Sensei would then move around and ensure that we understood what was taught. Within a sho

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