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Hatsu Geiko (初稽古)

Updated: Feb 29, 2020

Hatsu Geiko or the "First Training" refers to the first training for the start of the new year.

Interestingly, the character "Hatsu" 初, consists of two elements. The left depicts "cloth/ fabric" and right depicts "blade". Collectively, it represents the cutting of cloth; the tailoring of a clothing begins with the cutting of fabric. Over time, this Kanji character has come to represent the idea of "Beginning". Put together with "Geiko" 稽古, it represents the first performance of the year. In this context, it may also be viewed as stepping into the year with renewed resolve for practice.

Many traditional Japanese martial arts observes the practice of Hatsu Geiko, and Genyokan is no different.

Our practice began in earnest, led by Kancho and lasted the customary one-one and half hour, covering Seiza, Battohou and Oku no Kata. Finally, after practice, members adjourned to Kancho's home for potluck, bbq, and other scrumptious food. Some busied themselves tending to the bbq fire while a delicatessen counter for turkey and another for cocktail mixs worked side by side. Members spent the evening catching up with one another after a fruitful 2019 and sharing of new year resolutions for 2020 into the night.

On new year resolutions, one may like to consider picking up a new skill or trying out something new. If Iaido has piqued your curiosity, drop us a mail at We are located at 324D King George Avenue, King George's Building.


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