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How to practice at home?

With the current covid-19 situation, each has a part to play in fighting back against the virus. Mass events, gatherings would be canceled, and academic centers and businesses likely adopting study/work from home. Iaido practices may be canceled in some regions.

Can an Iaidoka still practice without going to the Dojo? The answer is 'Yes'. With some modifications to the practice regime, one can still practice at home. Read on to find out how. Disclaimer: Unless one has a hone ceiling in excess of four meters and up, don't go about swinging the bokken or iaito around.

Footwork. Footwork can be practiced in isolation. One can start by aligning the feet along with the edge of the floor tile/parquet as a starting reference. Then do static Mae/Ushiro turns, or other footwork (ashi-sabaki, etc.)

Kihon. Do cutting exercises without the bokken/iaito. Yeah, you read that right, but only for the case of Happogiris (Eight directional cuts with footwork). Practice as though one is holding the bokken/iaito by applying te-no-uchi. For cutting exercises with bokken/iaito, one could do it while sitting on a chair. One would still need to maintain situational awareness and practice caution. While seated swing slowly.

Seiza. As simple as it sounds - practice sitting in seiza.

Take a break - Relax, do something else. Spend time with family members. Read that book that you have put off for ages. Start an online course. Watch education feeds on youtube. Workouts at home. Watch Netflix, or read manga. Do house-hold chores.

Maintain a positive attitude, practice social responsibility and continue practicing. We wish you all good health. Till then, take care!


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