Seminar with Charlie sensei

September 30, 2013


The words that "We might be having a seminar sometime in September" spread in the club in June and naturally attendance and training picked up pace.


This being my first Iaido seminar, I was really excited while senior members seemed more restrained but nevertheless, eager for the event.


 Soon it was confirmed that Charlie Sensei, 6th Dan, from Taiwan, was coming and the coordinating team made all arrangements and leave from work was confirmed among other things. The dates were from 27th Sep to 29th Sep, with the 27th reserved only for both senior members and members selected for the Shodan grading in Taiwan in January 2014, and both the 28th and 29th open to all members in the club.


As the sessions progressed, all agreed that this was an invaluable experience as Charlie Sensei revealed the hidden and finer points within each technique that we could never have known on our own.


There are a lot, not only to be learnt, but better still, to be understood in terms of practical application.


We are grateful to Charlie Sensei for spending much times during the seminar to instill, show, and explain to us the finer points of the technique.


We are fortunate to have teachers like Charlie Sensei, who came to Singapore to help enrich our understandings of the Muso Jikiden Eishin-Ryu iaido and encourage us to keep on training.


On the last day of the seminar, Charlie Sensei gave a great demonstration of the art. It was a very good seminar!


Thus, in close fellowship, the seminar was concluded with a very delicious BBQ dinner at Scrummy BBQ – with drinks and toasts all around.

Domo Arigato Charlie-sensei, all our best wishes and good luck from Singapore.


May we meet you again soon!

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