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Our Iaido Boomerangers


Iaido Boomeranger - Warren

Practitioner since Aug 2016

Grading and Taikai in Japan

"Feels Like I Never Really Left"

What brought you back

After a 2 year hiatus due to Covid pandemic disrupting lives and having to take care of family, every situtation in my life started to improve once again.  


With the capacity for more personal time, I felt a longing deep inside my being - a longing to resume my Iaido journey.  On May 2022, I embarked on the familiar flight of stairs back to Genyokan and knocked on the dojo's wooden door.

What stands out most since your return

At Genyokan, or Eishin-Ryu Iaido Singapore, its great to be welcomed back by Sempai, Kohai, and the many new members, to be immersed back into intensive training and amazing camaraderie.


I even got the opportunity to mentor a new member. It feels like I never really left.

What's it like to be back

While its's great to make new acquaintances and seeing how new members are on a fast-tracked programme, I felt lacking and unsatisfied at how I perform my wazas due to impact of 2 years inactivity.  This became my motivation to improve my body and mind.

What would you tell other members about being a boomeranger

To fellow Iaidokas who are out there and wondering to return for practice, 

"Don't be afraid to come back because this dojo has a super supportive community."

Want to hear more about Warren's amazing journey ?  Connect with him 

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