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Who We Are


To understand the art of Japanese Swordsmanship.

To inspire Budo virtues in life through teaching and practicing.

To honor value and make a difference.



We are a small community of practitioners studying under the auspices of the Japanese Headquarters of Eishin Ryu Iaido, Ippan Shadan Houjin Seitou Seiryu Muso Jikiden Eishin Ryu Iaido Kokusai Renmei (一般社団法人正統正流無雙直傳英信流居合道国際連盟) , of which we are under the direct supervision of Kobara Kenichi sensei, 8th Dan Hanshi. On 20th April 2014, we were granted the title of Certified Dojo by our parent organization. On 11th Feburary 2018, we were awarded the status of Official Dojo.


We have formed a very close relationship with The Vancouver Eishin-Ryu Iaido Club (Canada) and Genshinkan (Kaoshiung, Taiwan). As such, we have regular sessions and seminars from the visiting senseis and members from said dojos.


We look forward to seeing you and sharing our knowledge and love of iaido.


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