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What our practitioners say

Miyazaki Takuo, Practitioner Since 2022



I have enjoyed Iai-do training under the gentle and thoughtful instructions by Koh-Kancho, other Senseis and senior fellows in Singapore Dojo. Setting various daily events aside, enhancing concentration and calming myself down, I try to give all of myself at any one time in performing a waza; which is a battle with myself and has something in common with Zen (meditation). A combination between the tension over the training session and a warm family-like atmosphere after the session generates an ideal tone in Singapore Dojo that allows trainees to tackle and enjoy their trainings proactively.

I am very much grateful to all Senseis and fellows in Singapore Dojo for providing me the opportunity to pursue such a wonderful experience.

what our practitioner say
Htun Htun Win
Practitioner Since 2012

Extremely warm and welcoming community willing to share their innate passion for Iaido  and camaradie.

Continued practice of Iaido over the years helps me achieve self awareness, relieves stress and anxiety.

what our practitioner say
Sim Xin Rong
Practitioner Since 2016

Through my journey here, I've grown as a person with help & guidance of all my seniors, juniors and Kancho (Headmaster).


I've learnt that I can learn anything from anyone, and there is something I can learn everytime I train at this dojo.

what our practitioner say
Woe Chzee Cherng
Practitioner Since 2015

Iaido is a lifelong journey.  We will never be perfect, just need to advance closer to perfection with repetition of each Kihon and each Waza.  Take on each movement slowly and steadily; with perseverance and discipline, improvement is guaranteed.


what our practitioner say
Lin Kejin
Practitioner Since 2018

Having no prior martial arts experience but everyone is so patient and encouraging. Seniors take the time to teach and to correct my form so I never feel like I'm being left behind.  


Iaido helps to cultivate mindfulness and just stepping into the dojo has a calming effect.  


One of the things that keeps me going week after week is the community.  We practice, learn from each other, swap recipes/favourite eats, share Netflix recommendations, snack and drink and laugh together.

Kenneth Chin
Practitioner Since 2019

In a world of hustle and bustle, Iaido has taught me to focus on the stillness of mind to find that peace and quiet of the soul.


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