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Iaito & Koshirae - Mini Series 1

Updated: Feb 29, 2020

A well made iaito to an iaidoka is as a good set of tools of trade for a craftsman. Iaitos for safe training purposes mimic the balance & weight of "live blades", less the cutting edge. Softer metal alloys (zince-aluminium) are used as alternative to carbon steel. This meant such iaitos can't be used for practical cutting, but the overall cost is much lowered as well.

Often, attention is paid to the hamon. The rest of the sword fittings, "koshirae" is just as vital. This mini series is intended to create awareness and appreciation to koshirae.

Since ancient times, craftsman draw upon inspirations from daily life. Designs can range from nature, calligraphy, objects of daily life to religious figures. Interesting to note the choice of koshirae designs may provide insight to the personality/ tastes of the owner. With the passage of time, and usage, koshirae develops a character of their own through ageing. But that's not to say regular maintenance is not needed!


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