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Keiko sessions with Hou Sensei from Genshinkan Taiwan

Updated: Feb 29, 2020

We were very happy to have received Hou sensei from Genshinkan Taiwan this April, 2016.

Happy to meet new members and previous acquaintances, Hou sensei observed our practice diligently. She focused not only on technique, but how the senior members could impart their knowledge more efficiently. All members, senior and junior, were also given the chance to refresh their knowledge on Reihou and its importance in general, things easily forgotten when one focuses too much on technique.

Hou sensei separated the members into groups. Beginners focusing on the fundamentals, Shodan candidates perfecting their waza, and the senior members enjoying several rounds of Tatehiza practice. We are very happy that she was impressed by our efforts, both in attendance (our largest yet at 23 members in the dojo), and in spirit. She congratulated the Shodan candidates for their excellent work, and gave presents for their efforts.

Even though the original arrangement was for 2 days of practice, Hou sensei felt the eagerness of our dojo members and very generously arranged an extra day of practice the night of her departure. We are extremely grateful for her kindness.

On the last day of practice, Hou sensei reiterated the fundamentals taught during her visit. You can never have enough of fundamentals and it was an exciting time to be training with a very gracious teacher.

Special thanks to the following members:

Michael, Alfred, Noi and Kheng-li, for taking care of Hou sensei and her family's stay, including waiting at the airport well into the wee hours of the morning to receive her and send her off. Michael and Alfred, together with Noi were also instrumental in the organization of the dojo.

Noi, our dojo landlady, for her generosity with the dojo space.

Zhao Yige for loaning her iaito to Hou sensei during her visit. We hope to see you soon Yige!

Kheng-li for acting as translator, pointing out areas that were a little harder to understand if explained at face value.

Jonah Law, for tackling the burden of managing the finances for the visit.

Andrew and Jian Yuan for assisting with dinner preparations, introducing Hou sensei and her family to local delicacies such as Bak Kut Teh and Chili Crab.

We look forward to seeing you again!


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