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2018 Feature Art #1 - "Reiho"

Seeing it's the start of the Lunar New Year, we at the Dojo would like to start with a monthly series of feature art by our very own Billy Yong for 2018. If you'd like to keep posted on his other art works, follow him on Instagram @ Our articles would continued to be released on bi-weekly frequency on average. Announcements and sharing from affiliated Dojos will be per ad-hoc basis.

This month's feature art drew inspiration from "Reiho", the act of expressing gratitude. Dojo practice begins and ends with Reiho and thus we felt it befitting that the first feature art conveys this theme.

We hope you enjoy your Iaido journey, and we look forward to seeing you progress into 2018! Cheers. よろしくお願いします.



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