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2018 Taiwan Embu and Shinsa - Part 2

The members touched down safely after a long trip home for much needed rest. Catch up with them this coming Thurs/ Sat !

In the meantime, here's an article contribution from participating member, Xin Rong. Cheers.


"In Iaido, we are constantly reminded that our real enemy is not an entity, but on the contrary, it is oneself. We often seek to change our waza, or form, and refine them into the ideal positions.

Every now and then, we have the opportunity to visit Dojos outside of Singapore, whom will often take the extra step to make us feel welcomed in their countries.

This time, the Singapore group visited Genshinkan in the Taiwanese metropolis of Kaohsiung, which is headed by Hou Sensei. Hou sensei went to great lengths to accommodate us. She had also helped us book out accommodation, opened up the dojo for us, and ensured that all loose ends were tied so we could have a comfortable stay.

On Friday and Saturday, we trained at the martial arts stadium, with the guidance of Sakuma Sensei, Kobara Sensei, and Taiichi Sensei. They went over all the forms slowly with us, missing no detail. They were more than happy to share their vast library of knowledge of the art with us.

On Sunday, we headed down to a Kendo Dojo for our Embu and Shinsha(Grading). In the morning, we were briefed by Lin Sensei on the procedures for the Embu and Shinsha, such as where to enter and exit the hall. They were happy to quell any doubts that we held.

After a scrumptious lunch and adequate rest break, we commenced out Shinsha. The atmosphere was tense, but in the end, everybody exceeded the expectations and managed to pass. One cannot help but feel the sense of accomplishment as their respective certificate is passed to them.

After the Shinsha, we managed to get the opportunity to snap a photo with Kobara Sensei and Sakuma Sensei.

On Monday, we had a day of rest. Hou Sensei’s daughter, Alex, became our tour guide, bringing us to the famous sights and streets in Kaohsiung. We passed by many attractions including the Kaohsiung port, at which we had dessert at a nearby shop.

Overall, I think the trip was a grand success. It shows the commitment to friendship by both the Singapore and Taiwanese sides. When the Taiwanese visit, we will be sure to return the favour! I would like to thank the Taiwanese for carving time out of their tight schedules to accommodate us. May this trip, and all future trips, serve as a beacon of friendship between the two tightly-knit communities."


More highlights to come. Stay tuned~


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