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Keiko with Matsumoto Sensei

Keiko session was held on 22 April with Matsumoto Sensei. Morning session was catered to beginners and afternoon for senior members.

For the morning session, Matsumoto Sensei gave an introduction to Reiho and outlined the fundamental basics for basic-level wazas. These are 1.Correct body posture, 2.Metsuke, 3.Imagination (visualize adversary, 4. Breathing and 5. Pacing (Jo-Ha-Kyu). Beginners were guided through several wazas to familiarize and internalize these points. Thereafter, the Dojo break for lunch at nearby-cafe.

The afternoon session focuses mainly on advanced wazas, with in-depth and rigorous examination of the relevant techniques involved. With the basic fundamental points highlighted in morning as starting reference, specific guidance were made to correct form, pacing of waza (Jo-Ha-Kyu), and technique insights.

We are very grateful to Matsumoto Sensei to using his personal time for conduct of Keiko session. Rest assured we will bear the guidances in mind and continue to train hard. Thank you!

Photo credits: Warren

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