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Joint Practice Jun 2018

A joint practice was held over 15 evening -16 Jun morning and afternoon 2018.

Basics such as how to breathe and posture (in seiza and reiho) were covered during the first day followed by Seiza (Tachi version), Toho and Tachi uchi no kurai (Paired Kata) over the next day.

For some, it was an opportunity to revisit particular kata for brushing up, while for others it was a familiarization experience. Senior members guided the junior members through kata details such as body posture, distancing and timing.

In Taichi uchi no kurai, respective senior members guide the junior members through specific areas to look out for in the kata, such as the pace of steps, angle of cuts, force application, orientation of body, footwork, etc.

Members had an enjoyable practice session as they tried the various kata over and over while trying to get them right.

It was good to see that nearing the end of the practice session, all members had visibly improved.

To end of the practice session, Kancho let the junior members observe how Tachi uchi no kurai is carried out by the senior members for better appreciation of the pair kata series.

All in all, it was a successful inaugural first practice. Kancho thanked everyone for taking time off to support the event and requested for feedback regarding how future joint practice could be conducted.

The members then had a sumptuous dinner of savory pizza, garlic bread, fries, chicken wings while catching up with one another.



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