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2022 Hatsu Keiko

Our Hatsu Keiko was held on 8 Jan 2022.

Hatsu Keiko represents the first performance of the year. With the new situation, it may also be viewed as stepping into the year with integral safety measures and cultivating the resolve for practice & personal development.

In the New year and welcoming message by Kancho, Kancho expressed his appreciation and thanks for the effort put in by all the Dojo members, in particular, the growth of the beginners is encouraging. In the following photos, mask-off were for photo moments only.

Some of our members at Hatsu Keiko

Left: Andy and Wife Julie

Right: Tim from Russia who joined us upon arriving in SG once border with Russia was opened in the latter part of the year.

Session on Iaito care & maintenance during beginners class last year. Like the folding and keeping of the Gi and Hakama, it is a part of training and an opportunity for practicing awareness.

Presentation of Renmei certificates by Kancho to members for 5 Dec 2021 Shinsa. Congratulations!!

Rei Lai - Yondan

Billy Yong, Valeth Ang, Jonah Law, Lee Noi - Godan


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