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NTU Alumni Club Chill@5 - Part 1

Updated: Mar 10

Iaido demonstration by Eishin Ryu Iaido Singapore

Eishin Ryu Iaido Singapore would like to thank NTU Alumni Club for the opportunity to perform at NTU Martial Arts Family Day, to showcase our dojo Genyōkan 厳洋館, and share the spirit of Iaido with the broader community in Singapore.

Our dojo members participating in the demonstration

Kelvin, Peter, Xin Rong, Billy, Law sensei, Jerry, Chzee Cherng, Rose and Jin Hong

Introducing Iaido

Audiences were being introduced to

  1. Brief history of Iaido

  2. Our school form of Iaido Musō Jikiden Eishin-ryū 無雙直傳英信流

  3. Eishin Ryu Iaido Singapore dojo Genyōkan 厳洋館 and curriculum of over 60 different wazas

  4. 15 wazas demonstration from

    1. Seiza-no-bu 正座之部

    2. Battō Hō 抜刀法

    3. Tatehiza-no-bu 立膝之部

    4. Okuiai Iwaza-no-bu 奥居合居業之部

  5. Japanese sword - etiquette, appreciation and how to handle

Shoden Wazas

Basic Iaido wazas comprising Seiza-no-bu 正座之部 and Battō Hō 抜刀法

5 sets of Seiza-no-bu wazas performed

Mae 前, Hidari 左, Ushiro 後, Yaegaki 八重垣, Tsukekomi 附込 and Nukiuchi 抜打

Battō Hō 抜刀法

2 sets of standing series performed

Juntō sono ichi 順刀其の一 and Tsuigekitō 追撃刀

Chūden & Okuden Wazas

Intermediate and advanced Iaido wazas comprising Tatehiza-no-bu 立膝之部 and

Okuiai Iwaza-no-bu 奥居合居業之部

4 sets of Tatehiza-no-bu 立膝之部 wazas performed

Yokogumo 横雲, Ukigumo 浮雲, Oroshi 颪, Iwanami 岩波

4 sets of Okuiai Iwaza-no-bu 奥居合居業之部 wazas performed are

Kasumi 霞, Towaki 戸脇, Shihōgiri 四方切 and Tanashita 棚下

Iaito Appreciation

Audiences get to experience holding an Iaito, feel its weight, examine the different fittings and hamon pattern of each blade up-close, as well as a brief lesson on an Iaido waza



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