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2018 Taiwan Embu and Shinsa - Part 1

Some of our members participated in joint practices and Seminar in Taiwan commencing from 14 Mar and will be back 21 Mar. Below captures some of the scenes in joint practices.

Photo credits: Xin Rong

As described in earlier posts regarding overseas Embu and Shinsa, the participation in Embu/ Shinsa should not be for attaining the next grade only. Grades are a relatively modern-era invention; they don’t exist in Koryu per se. The rationale for grading serves primarily to identify the Iaidoka with a particular Ryu and gives an approximate estimate to her/his progress. Consequently, the pre-requisites for Embu/Shinsa include consistent and diligent practice under Sensei's/ Sempai's guidance and assessment; and participation in Embu/ Shinsa always involve pre/ post practice sessions.

Members were able to train together with Taiwan Iaidokas under the tutelage of various Senseis, led by Kobara Sensei. Besides months/ years of practice put in by members, the intensive planning behind the scenes between Japan, Taiwan and Singapore Dojo helped made this year’s Taiwan Seminar a fruitful one. For example, the booking and securing of facilities for Iaido Seminar to the hotel/flight booking to loan of iaito for Singapore members.

We thank the planning committee and Taiwan Dojo for the generous hosting of the Singapore members.

More highlights and continuation in next posts. Stay tuned!


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