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Kobara Sensei's Seminar, 17-19 Aug

The seminar was held from 17 - 19 Aug @ Eurasian Club House and Changi Beach Club. On each of the seminar days, an average of 30+ members participated.

In general, junior and senior members spend time slowly understanding new key points (e.g. techniques, kamae) and integrating them into wazas. Members also took the opportunity to clarify their understanding of wazas and sought a better understanding of the wazas' Bunkai from Kobara Sensei and Taichi Sensei.

The bulk of the practice Seminar had Junior members led by Taichi Sensei and the remaining members by Kobara Sensei. Taichi Sensei covered the specifics of Seiza, Battouho and Okuwaza, while Kobara Sensei covered Tachiuchi no Kurai, Tatehiza, OkuIai. Members were very much focused and attentive, which is something that the Senseis expressed appreciative to Kancho during dinner afterwards.

The Seminar came to an end before we know it. Special thanks to the organizing committee, and all members who participated and supported in the Seminar in one way or another. Each of us gain more insights, have more stuff on the list of things to work on and we hope to see each other soon. Cheers.

Below: Brushing up on Jodan no Kamae


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